Winter is Coming.

There are a few TV shows that impregnate our culture so even those people that didn't watch have reference to phrases, characters, or moments. I do not know the answer or even know what show "Who shot JR?" is from, but I know that phrase (Dallas? I am refusing to Google the answer). Fonzi jumped the shark; Ross and Rachel were ON 👏A👏BREAK👏; under anesthesia before my tonsillectomy, I greeted my doctor in Jerry Seinfeld's tone: "Hello, Newman." and when getting shocking news, I put a hand to my chest and yell, "I'm coming Elizabeth!"
"Winter is Coming" is the Stark family motto from Game of Thrones. Didn't watch? You saw the meme a million times. Ned Stark, holding his sword. "Brace Yourselves. <Insert thing here> is Coming." 
Winter is Coming. Be vigilant. Be prepared. 
That is what we are doing. There are no good answers when talking about back to school. There are pros and cons to every plan, to every way of doi…

Commencement Address 2020

Here is the transcript of my address for graduation on May 23, 2020, which was a hybrid celebration: in-person, personal graduations combined in a video along with other awards and congratulations. Link to the video follows.
Good afternoon.

It is my pleasure to address the Class of 2020 at your high school commencement.

During this time apart, you’ve been inundated with advice and quotes and memes and slogans. Some poignant and some funny but I found none more fitting than this one. One of my favorite authors, and certainly one of the most quoted, CS Lewis, wrote, “What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.”

Think about this. What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. This could be where you physically are, but more importantly, your role at the time. We call this empathy, or putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This virus, this quarantine, has been incredibly h…

To the Class of 2020

We delivered gift bags to the seniors. In the bag was their cap and gown, alumni sticker, gift from their House parent, a homemade cookie from Sra Santiago, and a letter from teachers and staff to each student. I would like to share mine.

To the Class of 2020:
Once upon a time, I was a student-teacher. As my time in that classroom was ending (after only a semester of school), I asked the cooperating teacher I was with, “how do you let them go? You are with these kids everyday, don’t you miss them?” She laughed, having 30 years experience, and said, “it gets easier.”
It does get easier to say goodbye. Especially after the final nine weeks. If we were still in school, you would be DONE. Done, done, done. You would have either thought or said aloud something to the effect, “It doesn’t matter. I am going to graduate even if I don’t get this done.” You would have chanced singing the real lyrics at prom, hoping those old uncool chaperones didn’t know the real words and couldn’t understand you…

Coffee with Mrs. Consiglio- Welcome "Back" from Spring Break!


I know

I know it's hard.

It's hard for the little Eagles. The ones with more energy than classwork. They cannot possibly ask this many questions during school because there aren't enough hours in the day to field them all from every student. (I love you Lower Campus teachers and I will never again question the amount of glue sticks I need to buy.)

It's hard for the big Eagles. Overnight trips canceled. Online school work with very little skill in time management. Missing out on spring sports season (how I miss watching you compete!). Missing out on the most fun months of the year.

It's hard for our seniors. The big finale, the culmination of 13 years of hard work, altered, postponed, or canceled. At the very least, spending these last precious months of childhood separated from friends. (it's even harder for the senior parents. Hurting because your child is going without the pomp and circumstance of the end of senior year. I know.)

It's hard for the teachers. Half…

Coffee with Mrs. Consiglio- Resources for the Kennedy Family


Helping hands and kindness

Message from Mrs. Consiglio 24Mar2020