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Commencement Address 2019

The following is my commencement address from the 2019 ceremony.

Good Afternoon Kennedy Family.
It is with joy that I address you, the graduating class of 2019. It wasn’t too long ago that we first met. Great news, there is still time for some of you to work on your first impressions. But, after a couple years, I will admit, you’ve won me over. Your mischievousness is relatively harmless, your charm is contagious, and your ambition to lead- sometimes for good and sometimes otherwise, is admirable. 
Since you were in grade school, you’ve heard your parents, teachers, and maybe principals, tell you to make good choices. They seemed relatively straight forward so far-- keep your hands to yourselves, turn in your work, quit posting on social media. But today, as you set off into the “real world”, past the cozy nest of safety that is Kennedy, you will start making the big choices. They aren’t always easy or obvious. Most of you have chosen a college to attend next year. Was it a hard decision…

Guns and Horses Giddy Up

Ah, the month of May.

In some ways, it is an amazing light at the end of the tunnel. And in other ways, it is one of the hardest months to stay above water. The weather has broken (finally), so the grass at home needs cut several times a week and my children want to play outside and stay up late ("But it's not dark yet! It can't be bedtime!"). School is still in full swing, with baseball and softball games (when weather permits!), in addition to events like prom, field trips, awards ceremonies, etc etc to attend. May is full of things to do.

That light at the end of the tunnel feels farther away than it really is since my calendar agenda is longer than usual for each day. Students are feeling the pressure too. Each course is gearing up for a final exam or cumulative project. Every teacher is trying to get that last bit of curriculum covered before summer break. Underclassmen have scheduling for next year, while seniors are planning graduation celebrations. It's o…

Tip and Tricks at Just for Kicks

It's auction season!

One of the best events of my year for a decade now, the Just for Kicks auction that benefits John F. Kennedy Catholic School, is just weeks away. The very first year I attended as a friend of the auction chair (Jillian Rossi Phillips '97) and last year I attended as the first year principal. A lot has changed in ten years, and now as a member of the planning committee, I wanted to help our guests have the best time possible!

Coming to you soon will be a short video series on Tips and Trick at Just for Kicks-- some things I have learned along the way as a guest and now a planner, to make the most out of your night, help you WIN at the silent auction booths (I am still mourning the loss of those Tori Burch sunglasses from last year, everyone here is begging me to get over it), and make sure you are aware of all the FUN we have planned.

I love the work that we do at Kennedy and we simply cannot do it without your support at our largest fundraiser event of th…

One Bite At A Time

Last year, a big trend on Twitter was #oneword2018, and I wrote a blog about choosing my word (if you are interested, here is the direct link to that blog. Spoiler alert: I picked RISE). So here we are, a year later, and I find myself reflecting on my 2018 choice and looking to choosing 2019's one word.

I read a book a few years ago called, "I Don't Know How She Does It." The book was delightful. Apparently, there is also a movie too (not so shockingly, if you know me, I have not seen it. I have not seen many movies. It's actually a "thing"--people like to rattle off titles of cult classics then gasp in awe as I continue to shake my head no). In the story, people continuously say to the main character, "I don't know how you do it!" while referencing her working, being a wife, and a mom. At the beginning of the book, this working mom is bringing in treats to her kid's class. She buys pre-made treats, then feeling inferior to stay-at-hom…