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Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

We are a Walt Disney World Family. It is my favorite place. I couldn't tell you why in just one sentence, and I guess my answer would vary depending on the person asking. I love how Disney utilizes cutting edge technology to be creative and imaginative with its attractions and experiences. Part of it is safety and cleanliness- I feel comfortable taking my daughters alone to a park or on transportation that I might otherwise be wary of in a big city. There is amazing convenience to visiting Disney World too-- complimentary transportation; a literal "magic" band that opens your hotel room door, pays for your purchases, and is your ticket into the theme park; hundreds of delicious food options at every turn. After dozens of trips, a Disney vacation is no big deal to plan for us--but it is a pretty big deal for first-time visitors (information overload!). Even though there is comfort in doing the same, there is still magic walking up Main Street and seeing the castle eac