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God, Family, Education, Football

God, Family, Education, Football Immortal words from legendary JFK Coach Tony Napolet. They are on the scoreboard at the practice field overlooking the student parking lot. Besides the state titles and playoff appearance stats on that board, those words jump out to me every time. Prioritizing what we want to do and what we have to do and what we should do is one of the most challenging things sometimes. I should read a book with my spare 20 minutes. I have to put some laundry away or order groceries (yes I order online and yes it's STILL a chore). I want to finish that episode of [insert current Netflix series]. I figure folding laundry while watching my show checks 2 out of 3 (and like Meatloaf says, that ain't bad). That one really great book is half-read inside my nightstand. I will get to it. Someday. Looking at what we offer students at our school is no different. Funding is limited and time is fixed. So we prioritize. God . Every day, every class there is tim