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Some Things Never Change

If you are like me, your car radio is usually dominated by whatever the kids can listen to while they are with you. That means I can't listen to my podcasts on reality TV or true crime, no vintage 90s hip hop, and even pop radio stations can get a little inappropriate. To clarify, I have the. worst. singing voice. But if it's just me and kids, I am going to belt it out (at least for now, when they still like me. Give me a few years and it will be so embarrassing even though they are the only ones in the car). We play Hamilton soundtrack, whatever Kennedy play we are currently practicing for (Shrek Jr songs were my fave), and most recently, the Frozen 2 soundtrack. I am loving it. The second song on the soundtrack is titled, " Some Things Never Change " which just makes me so happy. It's upbeat, it's fun. It reminds me of education a whole lot too. As a fresh teacher out of college (a "noob" as the kids would say), I was shocked when a veteran