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It's a new year! Many people have asked how year one went and if I am ready for year two to begin. Year one, much like parenting, was challenging but extremely rewarding. Being in education for fourteen years in a few different roles provided me with a lot of background knowledge stepping into this position. However, with every new place and new role, there was a learning curve. Some days the curve was a rolling hill and other days as steep as the face of a cliff. It reminds me so much of parenting--the daily tasks are sometimes overwhelming. (I barely finish cleaning up from dinner and someone wants me to make a snack. Please. Stop.) But once in a while, your kid will stop what they are doing, crawl on your lap, and say "I love you mom" for no reason at all. All those loads of laundry and fighting about what shoes to wear (not the black boots, it's SUMMER) are forgotten. It feels worth it. Being a principal is a lot like that. There are mundane tasks and paper