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Commencement Address 2019

The Graduating Class of 2019 The following is my commencement address from the 2019 ceremony. Good Afternoon Kennedy Family. It is with joy that I address you, the graduating class of 2019. It wasn’t too long ago that we first met. Great news, there is still time for some of you to work on your first impressions. But, after a couple years, I will admit, you’ve won me over. Your mischievousness is relatively harmless, your charm is contagious, and your ambition to lead- sometimes for good and sometimes otherwise, is admirable.  Since you were in grade school, you’ve heard your parents, teachers, and maybe principals, tell you to make good choices. They seemed relatively straight forward so far-- keep your hands to yourselves, turn in your work, quit posting on social media. But today, as you set off into the “real world”, past the cozy nest of safety that is Kennedy, you will start making the big choices. They aren’t always easy or obvious. Most of you have chosen a coll

Guns and Horses Giddy Up

Ah, the month of May. In some ways, it is an amazing light at the end of the tunnel. And in other ways, it is one of the hardest months to stay above water. The weather has broken (finally), so the grass at home needs cut several times a week and my children want to play outside and stay up late ("But it's not dark yet! It can't be bedtime!"). School is still in full swing, with baseball and softball games (when weather permits!), in addition to events like prom, field trips, awards ceremonies, etc etc to attend. May is full of things to do. That light at the end of the tunnel feels farther away than it really is since my calendar agenda is longer than usual for each day. Students are feeling the pressure too. Each course is gearing up for a final exam or cumulative project. Every teacher is trying to get that last bit of curriculum covered before summer break. Underclassmen have scheduling for next year, while seniors are planning graduation celebrations. It'