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The Gambler

I make an awful gambler. I like to play it safe to a fault. (Kenny Rogers didn't teach me anything I didn't already know.) Once in Las Vegas, I hit big--three-card poker, 2 big hands, 4 deals apart. I took all the winnings, put it in the room safe, and it actually went home with me and paid off the trip. Know when to walk away, know when to run. Boring, right? Even game shows that have a gambling component make me nervous. The game with the partners who are separated and the giant wall and at the end you have to go with a number or risk it all....that makes me 3rd person anxious. The "zonks" on Let's Make a Deal and the "Whammies" on Press Your Luck turn my stomach. I don't like to make any sports bets, mostly because I don't like to be wrong, and especially on an outcome I can't control. One in the hand vs. two in the bush and all. In June, I didn't know what we for sure had for this school year. First, we got cleared to start summer c