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Winter is Coming.

There are a few TV shows that impregnate our culture so even those people that didn't watch have reference to phrases, characters, or moments. I do not know the answer or even know what show "Who shot JR?" is from, but I know that phrase (Dallas? I am refusing to Google the answer). Fonzi jumped the shark; Ross and Rachel were ON 👏A👏BREAK👏; under anesthesia before my tonsillectomy, I greeted my doctor in Jerry Seinfeld's tone: "Hello, Newman." and when getting shocking news, I put a hand to my chest and yell, "I'm coming Elizabeth!" "Winter is Coming" is the Stark family motto from Game of Thrones. Didn't watch? You saw the meme a million times. Ned Stark, holding his sword. "Brace Yourselves. <Insert thing here> is Coming."  Winter is Coming. Be vigilant. Be prepared.  That is what we are doing. There are no good answers when talking about back to school. There are pros and cons to every plan, to every way of d