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Hashtag, Blue Pride

I remember this one day, maybe fall of 2007. I was sitting on the floor at my friend's house, reading a celebrity magazine (probably US Weekly), and saying out loud, "I don't get Twitter, what is it?" And mostly in the late 2000s, Twitter seemed to be a way for celebrities to brag about things or people to share pictures of their meals. As time went on, Twitter seemed to be everywhere. It took me until 2012 to create my first account. So now, at my five-year Twitterversary (I may be making that word up?), I can't imagine my professional life without it. I have made networking connections on Twitter, followed the latest in educational technology trends, and have real-time conversations with hundreds of Ohio educators in  weekly "Twitter Chats." All of this is possible with our friend, the hashtag #. So a little social media 101 for anyone that needs it (feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you are #cool and already know about hashtags): A hash