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First Things First

Welcome back! I hope everyone has enjoyed their first few days back at school. I have loved meeting with faculty and students. It has been a smooth transition as we start the 2017-18 school year in full swing. Of course, there is business to take care of. New Chromebooks are being registered and passed out. Students are finding their lockers, memorizing schedules, and learning their lunch pins. Teachers are ready to dive into their content. I am diligently trying to remember names and not get lost as I walk the halls (I think I have it down finally!). After we are all settled, it is time to put first things first. The most important thing faculty will do this year is building relationships with our students. I hear them doing great exercises with their classes as I pass or stop by. Some are allowing students to come up with their expectations for the class, and even for the teacher. Others are goal-setting for short and long term. Some have built relationships in years past and c