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Growing Up

One of my favorite Christmas songs is " Mary, Did You Know? " (Warning: if you click that link, be in a safe space to possibly have an ugly cry. I always do). The singer is asking Mary if she knows the child she just delivered is going to do all the miraculous things that Jesus does for mankind. As a parent, this song hits me right in the feels. Holding a newborn and wondering what they will be like as they grow up is something I imagine that all parents have done. Watching my own kids grow up and learn to manage the world fills me with all sorts of emotions. They are starting to have their own identity; a particular sense of fashion (thank goodness for the sanity of uniforms during the school day); have a like or dislike for particular movies (current fave: Empire Strikes Back, super exciting for mom and dad); and what activities they like to be involved in (basketball and play practice dominating our schedule). I am extremely blessed to watch over 300 children "gro