One Word

Trending in early 2018 was #oneword. The idea is based on New Year's Resolutions and the highly unlikely chance that anyone follows through with their list of things to change in the new year. Instead, choose one word only, and focus on that. Just one word.

In reality, my one word could be something like... #laundry. Man, does that stuff pile up. But I only get ONE word. So laundry seems pretty ridiculous as the number one thing to focus on. After all, when all the clothes are clean, I don't think I have enough hangers to put it all away...

There were a few words that I liked, but felt a little ambiguous. Just like a joke isn't funny when you have to explain it, these words lose their meaning, or worse, take on a negative tone. For instance, I want to be #relentless. Hard-working and determined; non-stop grinding at my tasks until they are done to the best of my ability and when finished, step back and see what I can do better. Except #relentless makes me think of my kids as toddlers, at bedtime. You parents remember (or maybe you are still living it)--when the bedtime routine lasted for hours and these sweet chidren from the daytime were #relentless with their demands and questions. Water! A scary noise! It's too dark! An imaginary ailment that mysteriously only is a problem at night! It was a dark time as a parent. I am glad I am on the other side.

I also want to feel #satisfied. I want to believe I am accomplishing something and have completed a job well-done. I want to be fulfilled. However, #satisfied feels like settling. Can't we always improve? Can't I reflect and adjust and figure out a way to be a better wife, mom, administrator, coach?  I want to be happy and at the same time know there is a better version of my current self (See: #relentless).

My first blog post, Hatch or Go Bad, is my mantra. My one word has to reflect that. So for 2018 at least, my one word is:

#Rise to the occasion. Whatever the task, whatever the circumstance. #Rise above the things that don't matter. #Rise after falling, after failing, and do better the next time. #Rise because there is always a way to get better, be better than the last time.  #Rise and SHINE.

It's not about being great. It's about improving. It's praying for the strength and wisdom to do better. I think that's all I can ask of myself in 2018.

It's going to be the best year yet.

What's your #oneword?

Cheers to 2018-


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