Just for Kicks, Just for Kennedy

It's auction season!

I have told you all before that auction was the first Kennedy event I really attended. It was 10 years ago (wow!).

What an amazing night! I was really blown away by the whole event. Being at a live auction for the first time was so exciting. I admit, I got caught up in the moment and bid on a Lake Erie Boat trip, which to this day I haven't lived down. Thankfully I didn't win--at that point, we were not at a financial place to spend over a thousand dollars on a day trip--but it sounded great at the time. (Please refer to the Friends episode when Joey buys the Mr. Beaumont. One of my favorites). I didn't win anything in the Chinese auction that year. (I do have a Gucci and Juicy Couture purse from the following two years though. On a current 7-year slump, looking for luck at the purse table next week). I also was outbid on every silent auction item. I went to the Kennedy auction and didn't "win" a single thing.

However, that night wasn't a total bust. In fact, I now recognize it as a pivotal moment in my life. What I got from the auction was way better than a boat (really!), or a designer purse, or anything in the silent auction booths. I got my first taste of the Kennedy culture.

I saw people financially supporting a school. Gladly! It was the start of my love for the Kennedy family. It wasn't the monetary aspect, it was the support aspect. It was the fact that people were volunteering, donating, bidding for a school. The Kennedy family wanted to support a place that had beliefs and values that were the same as theirs; those beliefs and values would be emphasized and taught and lived by every day in every classroom. They wanted to ensure their child was getting a faith-based education in an environment that was safe and positive and focused on developing the whole student.

This was the starting point of seeing how Kennedy is different; how Kennedy is exceptional. We are a community, bound by those beliefs and values, that wants to build up our students in those values, to be the best version of themselves they can be. The past and present auction chairs are not just putting together an event. These ladies work and sweat every day knowing that the success of this event has a direct effect on the success of our programming at Kennedy. They know that every gift we receive generates more funding for necessities at our Lower and Upper Campuses.

If you haven't bought your ticket to the auction yet, please consider coming. It is an experience that is on my calendar a year in advance. (It's also on my parents' calendar as a required babysitting night). If you can't join us, consider a grand raffle ticket (winner gets $5000!). If you are attending, start to check out the items in our Giving Center. All monies go to the general operating fund, which helps us make Kennedy the BEST school in the area. Not only do we have exceptional academic, extra-curricular, and athletic programming, we do it with God. We pray, we praise, and we preach the good things in our lives so that together we can keep those values and beliefs at the center of our school.

Thank you to all underwriters, those who donated items for the auction, and those attending. May you be lucky in the raffle and Chinese auction, winners in the silent bidding, and generous during the live auction. Just for kicks, Just for Kennedy.


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