I have done a pretty good job shielding my own children from my emotions since March. (Let's be real. If you know me, I'm not known for my emotions.)

Moving to remote learning after successfully being 5 days in-person since August 17 (due to a county-wide stay at home order) is heartbreaking.

Tonight, I sat at our home computer, crying quietly after sending the letters out to families. My nine-year-old daughter came into the room. She asked me why I was crying.

I said I didn't want to have to do remote learning again. She said me too.

I said it's really hard. She said I know.

I said mommy worries about you and your sister when we can't be in school. But I also worry about my 300 other kids. I worry how they are doing. I worry they are staying safe. I worry this is too hard.

She gave me a hug. She is ok sharing her mom with 300 kids. 

Emotional or not, this melted me. Tonight, I worry for all of us. Tomorrow, I work for all of us; and I promise that work doesn't stop until we all come back into that building. 

But just for tonight, I'm going to be sad. And that's ok. Some people are worth melting for.


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